HJAR Sep/Oct 2020

16 SEP / OCT 2020 I  HEALTHCARE JOURNAL OF ARKANSAS THE RIGHT TO TRY terminal ter·mi·nal | \ ʹtərm-nəl , ʹtər-mə-n ə l \ adjective (1) : leading ultimately to death : FATAL terminal cancer (2): approaching or close to death : being in the final stages of a fataldisease a terminal patient (3): of or relating to patients with a terminal illness terminal care The diagnosis comes with different feelings for all involved, but generally the same outcome for the sentenced. We automatically use terms like fight, hold strong, pray, hope for a miracle, and/or acceptance. Terminal is often where you really see the complexity and resourcefulness of the healthcare industry. The tenacity of humans as we try to avoid a seemingly early demise for our fellow man becomes a puzzle for researchers, practitioners, patients, and caregivers. For all who are not quite ready to go or let go, it is a race against time, and sometimes a confusing maze that leads to lots of dead ends, any of which can be terminal. In 2018, the Trickett Wendler, Frank Mongiello, Jordan McLinn, and Matthew Bellina Right to Try Act was passed into U.S. law.