Arkansas Department of Human Services Requesting Receivership for Additional Three Skilled Nursing Facilities

The Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) has filed requests to place three additional privately-owned nursing facilities into receivership to ensure the safety and health of the residents. The requests were filed in courts in the counties where these facilities are located. This action comes after surveyors from DHS’s Division of Provider Services and Quality Assurance (DPSQA) Office of Long-term Care spent several days monitoring these facilities along with two others, all of which are owned by the same private owner.  The owner has agreed to DHS’s request for receivership.

The facilities DHS filed a request for receivership on Oct. 3 are: 

Lexington Place Healthcare & Rehab in Jonesboro, which had 93 residents

Lincoln Heights Healthcare in Star City, which had 53 residents

Prescott Manor Nursing center in Prescott, which had 54 residents

DHS filed requests for receivership on Sept. 30 for the other two facilities it has been monitoring and are now responsible for those facilities.

Those facilities are Arlington Cove Healthcare in Trumann and Deerview in Ola.

Office of Long-term Care surveyors have been on site at all five facilities since Sept. 25 after the Office of Long-term Care learned of payroll issues occurring at Lexington Place on Sept. 24.  

“We are taking these steps to ensure the healthy and safety of the residents living at these facilities,” said DPSQA Director Jerry Sharum. “We will stay at these facilities until we can be assured residents are getting the services they need, and the staff is getting the necessary supplies needed to care for the residents.”  

If the requests are approved by a judge, the State will temporarily run these facilities to make sure employees are paid, food is purchased, medications and treatments are administered, and the facility will continue to operate and offer the critical services that residents need.