Arkansas Hospice & Arkansas Hospice Foundation Elect 2020 Boards

Arkansas Hospice, the state’s largest provider of hospice services, and the Arkansas Hospice Foundation recently elected new officers and members for their 2020 Boards of Directors.

Arkansas Hospice Board officers include Sharon Davis, chair; Sharon Heflin, chair-elect; Barbara Sugg, vice chair; Scotty Shively, secretary; Robert Schulte, treasurer; and Beth Ingram, chair emeritus. Board members include Dr. James Adamson, Donna Baas, Michael Brown, Brooke Bumpers, Sheila Campbell, Kelly Carney, Odessa Darrough, Dr. Jane Evans, Rhonda Finnie, Patricia Stanley Luppen, Mike Miller, William Phelps, William Smith, and Doug Wasson.

Arkansas Hospice Foundation Board officers include William Smith, chair; Kimberly Pruitt, chair-elect; Bruce Holsted, vice chair; Teresa Burl, secretary; Susan Hiller, treasurer; and Sharon Aureli, chair emeritus. Board members include Kay Kelley Arnold; Ro Arrington; Sharon Davis; Dale Dues; Karen Flake; Dr. Mary Ann Rollans; Dr. Lewis Shepherd, Jr.; Dr. Diane Skinner; Dr. Robert Skinner; Lynda Sorrells; and Kacey Ziegler. Honorary Board members are Gail Arnold and Walker Sloan.