DHS Celebrates Arkansans with Developmental Disabilities

A ceremony was held March 25 to celebrate eight separate banners celebrating Arkansans with developmental disabilities on display on outside of DHS Central Office.

Leading the event were DHS Secretary Kristi Putnam, DHS Medicaid Specialty Populations Director Melissa Weatherton, and Arkansans featured on banners plus their families.

Roughly 70,000 children and adults in Arkansas with intellectual and developmental disabilities and delays are served by the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) and its Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS). Every year in March, DHS celebrates Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.  

To celebrate these amazing individuals, DHS has installed a series of 10-feet tall banners featuring eight different Arkansans with developmental disabilities. These banners have been hung on the outside of the DHS Central Office building at 700 Main Street in downtown Little Rock and will remain during the month of March.