Newsweek Includes Arkansas Heart Hospital on ‘World’s Best Hospital 2020’ List

Arkansas Heart Hospital has been ranked one of the six best hospitals in the country for cardiology by Newsweek in its “The World’s Best Hospital 2020” list. The rankings are based on recommendations from medical professionals, results from patient surveys, and key medical performance indicators.

“We are incredibly proud to be on an elite list of only six hospitals nationwide to be recognized by Newsweek for our world-class cardiology services,” said Dr. Bruce Murphy, CEO of Arkansas Heart Hospital. “It is a true testament to the emphasis we continually place on providing leading edge, high-quality cardiac care.”

Publicly available data from existing patient surveys were used to analyze patient experience. Patient surveys are typically conducted by insurance companies among patients after their hospitalization. Examples of survey topics include general satisfaction with hospital, recommendation of hospital, satisfaction with medical care, and satisfaction with service and organization. As a dimension of perceived quality, patient experience reflects both the quality of care (from the patient’s perspective) as well as the patient’s satisfaction with the hospital stay as a whole, including service factors such as friendliness of the staff or quality of food.